Why HigherTrek?

For young men in their formative years, discipleship changes everything.

... go and make disciples ...

- Jesus Christ of Nazareth

9.3 million young men (ages 18-24) in the United States identify as Christian. Grouped together, they’re nearly the population of Michigan, the tenth largest state in our country. Jesus has called them to make disciples. The unfortunate reality is many have never made a disciple and never will because they haven’t experienced discipleship for themselves and been taught how to disciple others.

Giving young men the opportunity for discipleship results in spiritually healthier men. Spiritual healthy men lead stronger families. Strong families make thriving churches. Thriving churches spread the everlasting love of Jesus Christ to the world.

Experiencing Discipleship
Changes Everything.

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Disciple making is more than a transfer of Bible knowledge. Young men must learn how to think, feel, and act as a Christian.

See what we believe about young men, which guides our disciple making model.

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Men who don’t know how to grow spiritually won’t know how to grow their family spiritually.

Learning how to make disciples now prepares young men for their future responsibility to their wives and children.

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51% of churchgoers don’t know of the Great Commission. Another 25% have heard of it, but don’t know what it means.

The local church is indispensable to the will of God. Making disciples through and within the local church is the best way a young man can start changing the world.

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The World

Jesus’ call to make disciples of all nations isn’t reserved for those who are led overseas.

If a young man can make a disciple here, he can make disciples anywhere. Local disciple making produces global impact.

How do we actually make disciples
who make disciples?

We tell young men who God says they are, remind them that their past does not equal their future and help them cultivate a vision for their life. Our curriculum addresses the challenges they’re facing as they transition into adulthood and equips them with the tools, skills and resources they’ll need to make disciples and walk with Jesus for a lifetime. It includes adventure, site visits, sit-downs with church pastors, and a lot of fun. Disciple-making is a verb, we believe it has to be experienced.

Click below to see how HigherTrek has helped shape the lives of some of our alumni

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Jordan was a consumer Christian, thinking about himself first and how he gets fed spiritually. Now his faith is others focused, he’s active in his church, part of a multi-generational discussion group, and volunteer leader in a local college ministry.

"The culture at HigherTrek showed me what real community was. I didn’t know how to be transparent but it gave me a space to share, be honest and process. When I got home I knew exactly where God wanted me to invest my time and energy.” Jordan – Lincroft, NJ