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Giving Testimonies

“Knowing our gift supports the direct discipleship of young men makes us feel like we are assisting in the sharpening of other believers. We know that HigherTrek is creating world changers. We’re reminded of how great the need is for resources to be used for eternal things.”
— Matt and Janna - Salt Lake City, Utah

“Giving monthly helps remind me how great the need is for a generous giver in a nation where money, though abundant, is hoarded and worshipped. God has always miraculously provided for me since experiencing HigherTrek – from my education through my career – and I’m honored to pay it forward.”
— Gerald / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“We give monthly because we have seen the impact and transformation it has made in Luke’s life and the community around him. We have the desire to help provide a way for as many young men as possible to get this same experience!”
— Luke & Meghan / College Station, TX

“We give monthly because it enables us to give young men the opportunity to grow and become world changers, even when we’re not at HigherTrek programs. It’s a multiplication of our ministry as a couple, and gives others a chance to experience what Ian did in 2013.”
— Ian & Carrie / Indianapolis, IN

“Our kids and grandkids will be different because of the impact this ministry had on Christian. As a young man, it helped him experience the truth of Isaiah 44:22 in a way he hadn’t before. We give monthly because we want to see more generations of families impacted for Christ as the result of the direct discipleship of young men. We also know our contributions help keep this experience affordable, and we don’t want money to be an issue for guys who have already counted the cost of discipleship.”
— Meredith & Christian Postel / Lexington, KY