HigherTrek Executive Director Search

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HigherTrek is an organization devoted to helping young men grow a deeper relationship with Jesus so they can follow Him for a lifetime. They invest in groups of five to eight spiritually hungry young men at a time, leading up to, and after their twelve-day HigherTrek experience. (Click here to view the full HigherTrek opportunity profile)

With filming complete for their eighteen-episode video series featuring some of the nation’s best pastors and teachers, the opportunity to step into the HigherTrek Executive Director position offers limitless possibilities to impact young men nationwide and across the world. The digital discipleship initiative will equip leaders of small groups of young men in churches and on college campuses, so they may host their own HigherTrek programs (think the Alpha Series for young men). HigherTrek expects this initiative to be the future cornerstone of its ministry.


HigherTrek is a transformational, not merely informational, experience. Everything they do operates from the basis of their first core belief: all young men are lovable, valuable and capable assets in God’s Kingdom. The unique blend of their culture and curriculum sets them apart. The result is young men realizing their identity in Christ, and pursuing a path toward sustained emotional health and spiritual maturity.

✓The HigherTrek curriculum is designed to address the struggles young men face as they transition into adulthood, while teaching the basics of walking with Christ for a lifetime.

✓The HigherTrek culture is designed to help young men experience repentance and grace like never before, while discovering the importance of relationships and community.

The HigherTrek Approach:

★ They engage the scriptures with young men and teach them how to read the Bible on their own.

★ They facilitate real, transparent, vulnerable conversations about the things all young men struggle with, in an environment that is judgment-free.

★ They show young men how to listen to and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in their life on a daily basis.

★ They help young men expand their vision for their life and launch them into their local church with renewed excitement and purpose.

★ The environment they cultivate fosters lifelong friendships, creates space for young men to dream big with God and become who He created them to be.

Why a New Executive Director?

Christian Postel has been a passionate leader with HigherTrek for the past 10 years. Christian had the privilege of working alongside Chuck Wenger, founder of HigherTrek, and then assuming the Executive Director role when Chuck passed away in 2015. The uplifting stories of changed lives, miraculous provision, and God-inspired vision is amazing. The new leader will thrive in this environment as a result of God’s continual blessing on the ministry.

In the midst of this season, Christian has prayerfully been led to join a different non-profit that will bring positive change to his immediate hometown. Christian will continue as a board member at HigherTrek and be available to assist the new leader. This is a healthy leadership transition, and one that is filled with opportunity for a bright future.

This position is ideal for a self-starter who is passionate about both people and discipleship, and feels a calling to change the world by teaching young men everywhere to walk closely with Jesus for a lifetime.


The Executive Director of HigherTrek will be passionate about discipleship, and specifically, discipling young men ages 18-26. The Executive Director will be responsible for expanding HigherTrek through the distribution of the HigherTrek Video Series, summer programming and alumni follow-up, maintaining general ministry oversight, and building ongoing financial viability, including fundraising.

The opportunity is expansive, and HigherTrek has discovered that young men are desiring to experience a life changing encounter with Christ. Their model of discipleship has a track record with hundreds of men whose lives have been positively changed because of the truths they encountered during a Higher Trek program.

The Executive Director position is a remote leadership role and does not require relocation. The HigherTrek office can be established wherever the Executive Director desires to live. Some travel is required for fundraising, board meetings and programs.

Are you an entrepreneurial leader who wants to make an eternal difference? Or someone who desires an opportunity to build on a solid foundation and see young men embrace a life of discipleship and growth? Serving as the next Executive Director of HigherTrek could be the place that God has been calling you to utilize your gifts and talents. (Click here to view the full HigherTrek Opportunity Profile)


  • Spiritual Alignment with HigherTrek’s statement of faith
  • A personal calling that aligns with HighTrek’s vision and mission
  • Lives above reproach, 1 Timothy 3:1-12 and Titus 1:6-9
  • Lives with integrity of heart and leads with skill, Psalm 78:72
  • Lives a sexually healthy and pure life, not addicted to or viewing pornography, 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5 and Colossians 3:5
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Demonstration of transparent and ethical leadership
  • High Level strategic planning
  • Strong financial management skills, with experience in budget analysis, preparation, and reporting
  • A relational networker
  • Passionate about replicating fruitful processes of one-on-one and small group discipleship
  • Strong written and oral communication skills

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