Change Brings Opportunity

By Christian Postel, Executive Director

A few months ago, we resolved not to become a ministry that spins our wheels being so worried and concerned about staying in control that we lose touch with God and forget who’s really in control. As we near June and the starting point for our summer programs, God has again proven his faithfulness as we continue to follow Him one day at a time.

If you ask any HigherTrek alumnus, he’ll be happy to explain what it means to live with an attitude of opportunity (see Galatians 6:10, 2 Timothy 4:2 or Ephesians 5:16). We believe developing this mindset is critical in the maturation of a young believer. Our God wastes nothing. This is also true for our ministry as a whole.

While taking the threat of the Covid-19 virus seriously and mourning with those most deeply impacted by it, we know that it also brings opportunity (Romans 8:28).

This summer, we are thrilled about the privilege of still hosting three HigherTrek programs in Missouri.  Despite having received more applications than ever before, many applicants could not attend this summer due to complications related to Covid-19.  However, many of these have already signed up for next year, and we already have a program full for the summer of 2021.

We will continue to follow the wise counsel of the CDC, and the medical doctors on our board. Based on their guidance, we’ve implemented self-quarantine measures for all young men to take before arriving at HigherTrek, and are making countless in-program adjustments that will ensure the health and safety of the young men we’re investing in, as well as our staff and volunteers.  One such adjustment involves presenters.  This year, we will have no in person presenters, but instead will engage presenters (or “facilitators”, as we’re calling them for the summer) via video conference to minimize exposure for everyone involved.

We believe the in-program adjustments God has led us to implement in light of Covid-19 will help us further improve what this ministry offers young men. While none of these adjustments are drastic, we believe they’ll likely strengthen the environment we cultivate during our programs.

God has called us all to invest in young men and help them take ownership of their faith, so they will walk with Jesus for a lifetime. We will continue to trust the leading of the Holy Spirit as we do just that. We are mindful that this virus is serious, but small in comparison to our God and his love. We are honored to be a part of this opportunity with you.

In Him,


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